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AGTO 50-200 / 75-200 / 75-300 / 100-200 / 100-300 / 400-1500 / 800-4000




In 2017, Destin Power developed ALL in ONE series to meet high capacity ESS market’s demand and various support policies which are leaded and operated by government for ESS(Energy Storage System). Batteries, PCS, inverters and Switchgears are essential to build ESS. Destin Power's ALL in ONE series integrates these devices to minimize transportation and installation costs.

ALL in ONE Outdoor, the medium capacity product, is a Grid-Tied model which operates in the state of grid connected, and various applications are available such as Peak Cut, Frequency Regulation, Renewable Energy Connection depending on customer’s usage purpose.






Renewable energy connection System of ALL in ONE Outdoor Skid type was developed for operators with existing PV power plant can configure ESS conveniently and quickly.





PV integrated system of ALL in ONE Outdoor Skid type was developed to provide all the necessary elements for operators who want to simultaneously construct ESS to newly constructing power plant.



ALL in ONE E-House type has two models of AGTO 400-1500, AGTO 800-4000 which are scalable from 1.2MWh to 4MWh.



AIO_AGTO Ehouse1_1805.png




ALL in ONE Outdoor E-House type is available for diverse purposes to be used for efficient operation of renewable energy, stable power supply and improving load factor by peak load reduction in such places as high capacity power plants, industrial complex, public facilities, self-sufficient energy islands.