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Monitoring Software



▲ PV connected ESS Dashboard

• Provides convenient monitoring by displaying generation status
according to application (Renewable Energy Connection, Peak Cut)
- Display of system configuration, operation status of individual power unit
(Battery, PCS)
- Measuring instruments (Relay, Fire alarm, Air handling unit, etc) data

▲ PCS Output Status

• Provides visualized energy generation status for quick data check
(Charge/Discharge, Energy Generation/Consumption)
- PV / Battery data
- Relay data
- Cumulative power generation of a day

▲ Manual Control Status

• Provides ESS PCS Manual Control Menu
- Display detail measurement value of PCS, inverter, etc
- Manual Fault Reset
- Maunal On/Off control

▲ Event History Lookup

• Store all of event history occurred during product operation on Cloud Server
• Event history record & look-up function

▲ Manual Charge Control

• Manual Charge/Discharge Control
• Improved user convenience by intuitive UI (UI : User Interface)
• Charge/Discharge conditions can be set (SoC Range, DC Voltage Range)
• BMS connected Charge/Discharge function provided
- Charge/Discharge stops when an error occurs in battery
- Charge/Discharge control with tracking maximum charge/discharge
power of battery

▲ Schedule Control

• Automatic scheduled operation function
- User can directly edit the schedule
- Automatic charge/discharge operation according to preset schedule
• Optimization of ESS operation by strategic operation
- Flexible combination of charge/discharge power according to power plant's


         * Display and functional Specifications of Software can be changed according to circumstances.