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Destin Power Product Features


· Rated efficiency: 98% (SAVEEN GT HV, Using Hybrid SiC IGBT)
· Minimize IGBT Switching Loss by applying Hybrid SiC IGBT
· Unpredictable system error minimization algorithm

   - A2 Power conversion Configuration and control technology (Patent)
· Increased efficiency and reliability by (N-1) operation (Patent)
· System design based on 20yrs of life expectancy
· CE Certification, UL Certification

· Easy to increase capacity and convenient maintenance due to modular POWER Block
· Plug type PEBB(Power Electronics Building Block) design : Fast replaceable IGBT stacks
· Flexible capacity design for customer requirements

   - 100kW~2.5MW Lineup

· P+R Controller

   – Reduce THD and unbalancing compare to DQ controller
· Provide Active/Passive damping filter

   – Perfect solution of resonance problem
· Parallel operation without communication line
· Can be applied to UPS

   – Operating with 100% Line Interactive UPS during blackout

      (Voltage source Current source mode, Seamless Control)
· Full Grid Support

   – FRT(Fault Ride Through) function

- Real-time remote monitoring and diagnosis
· Provide various communication solution
· Exclusive PMS can be embedded