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In recent years, there have been frequent mismatches between power demand and supply around the world as a result of unforeseen weather anomalies. Now, the need for advanced energy storage systems (ESS) that enable the efficient management and safe use of energy is greater than ever. Therefore, we can expect that the ESS market will become active in major developed countries, including Korea, as well as in emerging nations.

Destin Power has responded rapidly to such changes, securing the world class unique technology through its years of experience and achievements in the power conversion industry. By providing excellent power conditioning system to our customers which offers various power control functions, we will contribute to global environment protection and future development.

Destin Power aims for a platform company utilizing power conversion technology and is growing sustainably in the power electronics industry in Korea. Destin Power has developed the power conditioning system for ESS using its core technology of power electronics such as control technology for energy storage system, static & dynamic grid support technology and micro-grid inverter technology.

Destin Power will continue to provide high-quality products that control various distributed energy sources.
We'll promise to contribute more for environmental protection and the development of future energy industry.