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Destin power is growing as a leading company in the power transformer industry by applying patents continuously.
To accommodate all the safety requirements associated with product, rigorous safety testing and evaluation were conducted.
It has been validated by an external accredited certification authority.


CE Certification
Model : SAVEEN 100
     SAVEEN 200
     SAVEEN 250
     SAVEEN 500
     SAVEEN 1000 (HIGH DC)

ISO 9001

UL Certification
Model : SAVEEN 1000 UL



SAVEEN EVE Hybrid 60kW CE 인증.PNG


CE Certification

Model : SAVEEN EVE Hybrid 60

             SAVEEN EVE Hybrid 200

SAVEEN GT Outdoor 2.0MW UL인증.PNG


UL Certification
Model : SAVEEN 2000 CP