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Quality Management
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To maximize customer satisfaction with best quality and service


Destin Power is committed to ensuring the safety and quality of products by achieving quality goals that meet the requirements for the 'SMART GRID' in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.





Production Management


Destin power manages production strictly from import inspection to product shipments, based on the ISO 9001 quality management system. Quality team is committed to continuous quality improvement and working through a variety of ways, through the electronic work instructions to ensure operation efficiency, process defect minimization, and the highest quality utilizing scientific management techniques.



Inspection Management


Destin Power offers the best quality in a systematic and rigorous standards of quality inspection team with the best skills. Through nine final product inspections, such as each process inspection, function inspection and shipment inspection, the finished products are shipped to our customers after the final installation inspection in the field. The problems found during the inspection will be immediately reflected on the process through root cause analysis and countermeasures and Destin Power strives to eliminate the root causes and establishes ongoing training process.



Maintenance & AS


Destin power offers a three-year warranty service which provides basic maintenance service and a semi-annual check for system status and functions, parts inspection, parts replacement, and cleaning, etc. And in case of an emergency, within 24 hours, on the spot, customer service team handles rapidly to satisfy customers. In particular, it provides real-time customer feedback through remote monitoring and control system. Destin Power strives to prevent recurrence through root cause analysis and corrective actions using the PCS tracking devices in the field. Furthermore, it takes the lead in records management services to maximize customer satisfaction.