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Destin Power developed ALL in ONE series in 2017 to meet high capacity ESS market’s demand and government’s various support policies which are leaded and operated by government for ESS(Energy Storage System). ALL in ONE provide one-stop service for construction of PV integrated ESS.





SAVEEN GT PCS for ESS is a leading brand fo Desin Power, reflecting the needs of users to the whole production process, from the product development and design stage to delivery inspection.
Most of all, as it maximizes the reliability and maintenance convenience, its power quality satisfies clients and it improves pwer stability.



Multi Function PCS


Using PCS for micro grid, many power producers can generate and supply electric power to the electrical grid of certain area based on bi-directional transmission and distribution. The Multi-Function PCS of the Destin Power enables power producers to supply electricity to the grid reliability and to use energy efficiently in the micro grid situation.



Solar Inverter


The demand for large photovoltaic systems is expected to increase as the construction size of solar power plants has become bigger.
Destin Power has manufactured 1500VDC solar inverters and supplied them to the market. 



Hybrid Inverter


Destin Power's Hybrid inverters are efficient solution for micto grid which reduce cost and installation area by combining photovoltaic inverters and the PCS for ESS.


Fuel Cell Inverter


Fuel cell inverter market has high growth potential.

Destin Power, taking into account the characteristics of the fuel cell power generation which must work for a long time, is developing and supplying the Fuel cell inverters with reliability and superior performance.



Industrial UPS


Destin Power's industrial UPS based on 420kVA power conversion module shows the excellent price-performance ratio.

It boasts a competitive advantage in technology and performance that is second to none at all compared to foreign industrial UPS.