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Peak Cut


Destin Power installed 6MW of SAVEEN GT PCS at Yeongpung Seokpo refinery which is the largest Zinc ingot factory in Korea. Totally 33MWh of ESS was constructed in this site, and SAVEEN GT PCS performs peak cut functionality. Destin Power's PCS for ESS is effective resolution for companies which consume large amounts of energy to comply with enhanced policies and to reduce energy costs.


고려아연사진.PNG         고려아연diagram.PNG



- PCS Model :SAVEEN GT 2000kW x 3 ea
- Application : ESS Peak Cut
- Remark : Peak Cut project for factory (2017) : South Korea




Frequency Regulation


Destin Power is a No.1 ESS PCS supplier that has the largest installation performance for Frequency Regulation projects in Korea. We installed each of 56MW(2014-2015), 36MW(2016) PCS for a transmission support of frequency regulation. Using 4MW and 8MW of PCS station, SAVEEN GT PCS were installed to transforming stations and they charge/discharge lithium battery to maintain the range of power grid's frequency within regulated range.


FR사진.PNG    FR논공diagram.PNG



- PCS Model : SAVEEN GT 1000kW x 4 ea x 9sets
- Application : Frequency Regulation
- Remark : No.1 ESS PCS supplier in Korean Frequency Regulation market (2014-2016) : South Korea




Wind Power Grid Integration with ESS


Destin Power supplied the PCS to the larget ESS project for wind power plant in Korea. As the ESS market is expecting growth worldwide, we will lead the ESS market related to wind power generation. For wind power time shifting, Destin Power installed seven PCSs ofr 2.4 MW, which resulted in 16.8 MW of PCS in total.


영양풍력.PNG      영양풍력diagram.PNG



- PCS Model : SAVEEN 2400 GT
- Application : Wind Power Integration with ESS
- Remark : The largest project in Korea for Wind Power Integration with ESS (2015): South Korea




Micro-grid Project


Destin Power executed microgrid demonstration project in Ontario, Canada with KEPCO. We installed SAVEEN PCS, which is the world's first PCS with UPS capability, at 500kWh ESS for emergency operation in case of blackout resulted from old distribution network. When grid blackout occurs, SAVEEN PCS enables the microgrid situation by providing an emergency supply(within 4ms) so that about 500 households can use electricity stably for 4~5 hours.


powerstream.PNG    powerstream diagram.PNG



- PCS Model : SAVEEN GT 750kW
- Application : Micro Grid
- Remark : Power distribution network advancement project (2016, Power Stream) : Canada




Smart Grid Station Project


Destin Power involved smart grid station* project in Dubai, UAE. The smart grid station is city-scaled business, consisting of smart office, smart factory, smart building. We supplied 60kW, 200kW of SAVEEN EVE Hybrid, the hybrid inverter of Destin Power, so that this smart station construction project can lead to world's future leading-edge smart city.


smart grid station.PNG   smart grid station diagram.PNG




- PCS Model : SAVEEN EVE Hybrid 60kW x 2 ea, 200kW
- Application : Smart Grid
- Remark : Demonstration phase of the Dubai government's smart city construction project (2016-17) : Dubai

*Smart Grid Station : ICT connected Building energy optimization system covering Air-conditioning and heating in building, Photovoltaic, ESS, AMI, Smart devices(light, electrical outlet) etc.